Welcome to the Race Director’s blog for the Rim To Rim Trail Run in Chico, California! This is Chico’s first race to feature an ultramarathon distance (50 miles), first trail marathon, and one of only two trail half marathons.

The motivation for this blog is very simple. I’m a runner with no prior experience as a Race Director. As such, I’ve had to learn a lot in order to put on a race. There is always more to learn, so I will continue to seek out all sorts of tips, tricks and advice. I’ve had some amazing successes, and some definite screw-ups. And I’m recording it all right here for posterity. Just think of me as your little black box for directing a trail race.

In addition to writing about all the steps that go into putting on a race, I’ll also have information on training and staying motivated and inspired, race reports from other ultramarathons I participate in, gear reviews for the stuff I can’t live without, and more.

Take a minute and check out what I’ve got so far, and be sure to follow the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts. If you’ve got any comments, requests or suggestions, please leave a reply. The more feedback the better!